16 Immersion Blender Recipes (2024)

These 16 easy, quick, and delicious immersion blender recipes are all made using my favorite kitchen appliance. Learn my best tips for how to use an immersion blender and why you totally need one. This post is sponsored by Braun.


It's getting to be that time of year when we can finally start thinking about soups and stews and lattes and warm, filling holiday goodness in our tummies. Hooray!

Fall is upon us and that means two things in my world: (1) cooking fall foods and (2) eating said fall foods. Oh yeah -- and school and holidays and football, but those come second to the food. I mean...this is ME we are talking about here. Let's be real.

Many of the foods I make and enjoy during the holidays and, really, all year-round, require blending, whether it's a sauce or a soup or a latte. That means I make very good use of mystick blender (AKA immersion blender) during this time of year, too. My stick blender is easily one of m most favorite kitchen tools - I use it to make so many things. In fact, I've listed 7 reasons why they absolutely rock below.

7 Ways To Use An Immersion Blender

  1. You can blend soups and stews and sauces right in the pot and super quickly without having to transfer back and forth to a blender or food processor.
  2. You can avoid the inevitable blender explosion of fiery lava all over your hands and face because, inevitably, the blender knows the contents are too hot to handle and wants to get rid of it any way it can.
  3. Less clean-up -- stick blenders are super easy to clean, as opposed to blenders and food processors (*blenders and food processors, please note that I still love you to pieces, but I'm trying to make a point here).
  4. You can totally make a Starbucks-quality latte at home using a stick blender and the microwave.
  5. See number 4 because it is that awesome of a reason.
  6. Stick blenders are light, easy to handle, and are super versatile.
  7. If it needs to be pureed, whipped, emulsified, beaten or made into a smoothie or sauce, your stick blender can do the job.

The Immersion Blender I Use

16 Immersion Blender Recipes (2)

I use (and LOVE) myBraun MultiQuick 9 Immersion Hand Blender.According to a survey by Braun, 66% of Americans say they avoid complex recipes if they require too many tools. That’s what I love about this one tool. It blends, purees, chops, emulsifies, froths, and whips like a pro. It even comes with all the attachments you need to pretty much replace your food processor, blender, knife, and hand mixer. For realz.

The actual immersion blender by Braun is awesome because it is specially made NOT to be a mess. Other immersion blenders I've used have been a lot more difficult to keep from splattering yourself with tiny bits of hot soup. Not only does theBraun MultiQuick 9 blend without spraying food everywhere, it also purees in way less time and makes everything quicker. Super awesome.

Plus it comes with ALL these useful attachments:

  • beaker <-- super useful for spill-less lattes and whipped cream
  • whisk <-- great for whipped cream
  • 1 ½ cup chopper <-- perfect for salsas
  • masher <-- love this for mashing cooked veggies
  • jug blender/ice crusher <-- I use this for salad dressings
  • food processor <-- seriously awesome

Tips For How To Use an Immersion Blender

After making a lot of recipes with my immersion blender, I've learned several helpful tips to make your life easier. Here they are:

  • Avoid shallow liquids. The blender works best when it has enough liquid or sauce to move around and blend. The higher the volume of stuff to blend, the better.
  • Wash quickly. The attachments are super awesome and very easily cleaned right away, when everything washes off super easily and without trying to get into small crevices.
  • Move around slowly. I find it the most effective to slowly move the blender around the pot to get everything evenly pureed.

16 Healthy Immersion Blender Recipes

Below, I've listed my 16 favorite healthy immersion blender recipes. These recipes include soups, bisques, sauces, salsas, dressings, drinks, and even whipped cream. They're all made so much easier by using my easy handheld immersion blender, too!

How to Use an Immersion Blender To Make Soups

Making soups is probably the number one thing I use my immersion blender for. Now that I have one, I refuse to add hot liquids into a kitchen blender because, in my experience, it just spells a recipe for disaster. Here are some tasty soups to try that were made to be blended with an immersion blender.

16 Immersion Blender Recipes (3)

1. Cream of Tomato Soup– Easy, fresh, and the perfect use of vine-ripened tomatoes. [GET THE RECIPE.]

2. Roasted Acorn Squash Soup– This soup is like Fall in a bowl - warm and cozy all around. [GET THE RECIPE.]

3. Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque – Sweet, buttery butternut squash, roasted to creamy perfection and then turned into a smooth bisque. [GET THE RECIPE.]

4. Easy Cream of Broccoli Soup – In just 25 minutes and is so flavorful, you wont even believe it doesn’t have cream. So simple, yet so yummy! [GET THE RECIPE.]

How to Use an Immersion Blender To Make Salad Dressings & Sauces

Next to soups and bisques, immersion blenders make homemade sauces and salad dressings a no-brainer. Here are my favorite sauces and dressings that are easily made using a hand blender.

16 Immersion Blender Recipes (8)

5.10 Minute Salsa Verde– It just takes 10 minutes and a few ingredients to get loads of salsa verde flavor. [GET THE RECIPE.]

6.Homemade Hummus– Arguably the perfect snack in the history of the world! [GET THE RECIPE.]

7.My Go-To Pico De Gallo– The only salsa for chips and salsa in our home! [GET THE RECIPE.]

8. Cauliflower Cheese Sauce– You'd never believe this cheese sauce is made mostly of pureed cauliflower! [GET THE RECIPE.]

9.Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing– Just as it's name suggests, pure awesomeness in a sauce! [GET THE RECIPE.]

10.Chimichurri Sauce– The best sauce to put on a flank steak. Period. Plus ready in less than 5 minutes! [GET THE RECIPE.]

11.Easy Pesto Sauce– A great go-to pesto sauce to make with fresh basil. [GET THE RECIPE.]

12.Raspberry Vinaigrette– Sweet, tangy, and vibrant pink - perfect to drizzle over this springtime cobb. [GET THE RECIPE.]

13.Honey Lemon Vinaigrette– The combination of tart and sweet pair perfectly in this honey lemon vinaigrette. [GET THE RECIPE.]

14.Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette– Aint nothing better than fresh figs, especially when you use them in a fresh salad dressing! [GET THE RECIPE.]

How to Use an Immersion Blender To Make a Latte

Ahhh lattes...they're creamy, sweet, and delicious. Too bad they're often super expensive and loaded with sugar. Next time, make your own latte at home with just a cup of coffee, some warm milk, and an immersion blender.

16 Immersion Blender Recipes (19)

15.Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte– Forget Starbucks - enjoy this easy, homemade, and healthy pumpkin spice latte any time of the year! [GET THE RECIPE.]

How to Use an Immersion Blender To Make Whipped Cream

Finally, as if making your own blended soups, stews, dressings, sauces, and lattes wasn't cool enough, I've got this incredibly easy homemade whipped cream recipe to share that is amazeballls yummy. Plus - it happens to be vegan, too!

16 Immersion Blender Recipes (21)

16.Vegan Whipped Cream– Whipped cream never tasted so sweet! This whipped cream contains no dairy or processed sugar. [GET THE RECIPE.]

There you have it! I hope I've convinced you how awesome immersion blenders are and that you should totally go get one. If you're looking for a great one, definitely check out this Braun MultiQuick 9 – it’s full of handy attachments and it's awesome.

What are some of your favorite immersion blender recipes? I’d love to know – just leave a comment to share!

This post contains affiliate links for products I use regularlyand highly recommend.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Braun. The opinions and text are all mine.

16 Immersion Blender Recipes (2024)


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